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First-year & Residential representatives nominations

September 5th to 11th


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First-year & REsidential representatives election

September 19th to 26th

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E-board & at-Large representatives nominations

February 6th to 13th

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E-board & at-Large representatives Election

February 20th to 27th

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Representative nominations

February 27th to March 13th

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Representative election

March 20th to April 3rd

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What is USG?

MTU's Undergraduate Student Government's (USG) purpose is to serve as an effective, efficient, responsible, and responsive body to the Student Assembly. We provide an official voice for the Student Assembly through communication and collaboration between faculty, state, administration, and the Board of Trustees.  

We advocate for policies, rules, and regulations taht best serve the interests of the Student Assembly and also disburse and retain custody over the student activity fee. 

What is required of USG representatives?

USG representatives are required to attend the USG general meeting each week on Wednesday's at 7 PM, during the academic year. They also serve three office hours each week in the USG office in MUB 113. These hours can be spent checking the USG email, reviewing financial requests from student organizations, working on homework, or making progress on USG initiatives. 

Outside of general meetings, USG members also join at least one of our standing committees: Events, Political Affairs, Public Affairs, Student Affairs, and Ways and Means. These generally meet once a week in discuss various issues and projects currently ongoing within the Student Assembly. 

Information concerning specific positions and representatives can be found below!




Year reps represent students who are the same year. ​​​



At-Large reps represent the entire Student Assembly.​



College reps represent students within the college they belong to. ​​​



Eboard are the officers of USG and includes the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.